Welcome to my website!

This will be a place for me to show all of my accomplishments that i have made over my time as a developer including websites, games and other such projects.

I'm a software developer and website designer, I am able to create software and websites that are consitently reliable but also unique to the client. I am 18 years old, and I am very passionate about computers and software devlopent.

I first started learning website development in 2021 from college and became very engrossed into programming, from there I began to teach myself as much as I could with the small amout of freetime I had. I was introduced to GNU/Linux and open source software in September 2021 by a good friend and the one who convinced me to make this website and swapped from Windows 10 to Linux full-time in October 2021. Later on in early 2022 i started to dual boot both Ubuntu and Windows 11 in order to have access to as many applications as possible while also being able to access a preferable workspace found in Ubuntu

Projects & Contributions

rhino-update - This is the first ever contribution I have made to Open Source Software. This Pull Request added a new feature to the update command which checks whether a kernel version is already installed. If it is installed, it will not attempt to reinstall it. While being a very minor detail and small contribution it allowed me to know how it feels to work within aproject and that i need to pay a finer detail to the maller things within the document when making changes.

Brobie-Bingo - This is my first website that i have made for a twitch streamers discord community. This was done for free as a general project over time to add to when necessary and isn't of the highest quality as my studies have taken up most of my time however i would like to overhaul this website in the future in order to keep it up to my own professional standards.

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